Dynamics of the popularity of Lean Software Development in the context of the popularity of Lean Management

Michał Baran, Tomasz Sierotowicz


With the passage of time the result of the development may be found in the appearance of the successive organizational solutions that are adequate to the challenges which are faced by human beings of the given time and the given developmental stage. There appear the concepts which, when found suitable, happen to be adapted to specialized applications. While relying on the „Lean” philosophy, the present paper is designed to investigate the process of such adaptation. In the discussion there was also raised the question whether the appearance of economic crisis might be one of the catalyst of the phenomena in question. Thanks to the study of trends that were identified in the internet there was demonstrated the course taken by the investigated processes. As a result there was obtained the information on some dependencies that could be found in the field of popularization of „Lean” philosophy.


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