The Idealism of Web2.0 Technologies in Higher Education Landscape a doubtful issue: a review of the literature

Sahar Alghanmi


The phenomenon of web2.0 technologies and its connective, interactive, and collaborative features in a networked way has created a doubtful issue on higher educational landscape about its educational usability. There is rich body of the literature with contradictory perspectives regarding such phenomenon. This paper will discuss the idealism of web2.0 technologies in higher educational landscape based on the international literature ground from two main angles (1) Educational affordances of Web2.0 Technologies (2) Educational concerns of such technologies. Thus, this paper concentrates on answering the following questions;   

  • What are the associated educational affordances of web2.0 technologies?
  • What are the consequence concerns of its educational usability?
  • What is the critical view of the future about such technologies?


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