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Preparation and Characterization of Low Cost Asymmetric Thin Film as Accelerating Wound Healing Material

Jahid M M Islam, H Tareq, M Fizur Rahman, S M A Habib, Noshin A Rahman, E Molla, Mubarak A Khan


Gelatin and sodium alginate bioblends of dissimilar ratio were prepared by casting. In order to prepare the asymmetric thin (AT) film, 2% CaCl2 was incorporated in gelatin/sodium alginate blends. The physico-mechanical properties of the prepared films were investigated. AT film composed of gelatin and sodium alginate at a ratio of 70:30 with 2% of CaCl2 showed higher tensile strength (25 MPa) and elongation at break (9%). The water and buffer uptake capacity of the gelatin/sodium alginate/CaCl2 (70:30:2) blends was found to be higher than other blends. pH of this AT film was 7.82. Interaction among gelatin, sodium alginate and CaCl2 in the films was tested and this film showed no cytotoxic effect.


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